Growing CCCF with your input

This course is intended to be explored as you might explore a natural space – moving through, circling back, orienting yourself with landmarks, touching the soil, smelling the flowers, feeling your body, resting with in it. Its goal is to teach the basics of climate science – but within the context we all live in: as people, with bodies and emotions, who are from somewhere and show up with varying conceptions, intuitions, limitations, and strengths.

When we show up to a place, we bring what we know. As we explore a place, we develop a relationship with it. This syllabus/course is hosted all on Github. Everything is open and there for you to see. You can add your blossoming networks and relationships, as well as your ideas and destinations (other fictions, other concepts) to this garden by creating a pull request. By creating a pull request (rather than just me, Elizabeth, editing a page or creating a new one), we can capture the process of growth. Plus, you get the credit for the work you do!

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