Inclusion Statement

The climate crisis is global and beyond human. Readings, artwork, and activities will draw from global experiences, bodies of literatures, ways of knowing and doing science. While the term syllabus often implies a cohort of students from a university, this set of readings, way of learning, etc is for anyone who: 

  • Feels the weight of climate grief and despair
  • Feels the buoy of hope around climate action
  • Wants to learn the science of climate change
  • Wants to read & explore climate fiction

This is explicitly intended to be a collaboration of people across a variety of backgrounds, interests, and ways of spending their time (e.g. disciplines). A roomful of scientists won’t do; neither will a roomful of artists, even if within those groups there is substantial and unquantifiable range of diversity. If you’re interested in taking this course, please reach out to Elizabeth at ehc2150[@]

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