Welcome! 🌱

Hello! So happy you’ve found your way to this experiment. I’m Elizabeth Case. This digital garden follows the roots of many others 1 2 3.

Everything here is — under construction —

I’m will be using this as a way to deposit notes, drafts, and thoughts that could use a conversation or connection to deepen or expand. A lot of folks smarter than me have a lot of thoughts on good note-taking, but I’m also interested in leaving quotes as whole posts, in dead-ends that require backtracking, and in links to writing that say it better than I ever could. I’m thinking of this garden as a generative writing tool, a memory bank, and a different mode of linking research topics together. Please reach out to me if you’d like to chat about anything on here – I’m on twitter at elizabeth_case, and I have a more traditional website.

For some art/people/newsletters/links I love, check out my ever-evolving recommendation list, or for a daily-ish log of impressions, here’s a list of links I’ve been clicking.

If you’d like to start your own, this digital garden is mostly the work of Maxime Vaillancourt and he wrote a great guide for how to set one up. Happy to share any gardening tips if you decide to plant your own.